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Our passion

We design and manufacture interactive play areas and kids corners for public places. Our products and solutions include touch screens selected particularly for the use by children, offering a variety of educational games, riddles and puzzles. Additionally we also propose multiple wall games and toys specifically designed for public spaces.

All FOXBOX products require minimal level of maintenance and have no loose parts. They are safe, fulfill requirements of the EN-71 European standard and are designed to last for long.


Interactive kids corners are a very appreciated hospitality solution in all those places visited by parents with their children, such as: cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, dental clinics, beauty shops, fitness clubs, stores and showrooms as well as public offices.

We actively support our customers looking to participate in various hospitality programs such as the "child friendly hotel". As part of our service offering we advise on the design of the kids corner, selection of the appropriate in-house location and share experiences out of accomplished projects. A child friendly environment, easing the waiting time for the youngest guests or patients will ultimately provide long term benefits for our clients.

Please have a look at some of our accomplished kids’ corner projects.


Interactive Kids Corner in Prague


The FOXBOX interactive kids corners have been warmly welcomed also in the Czech Republic. One of our interactive towers found its place in a cafe in Prague and has become the attraction of choice for the youngest guests.

Interactive Play Zones in a Shopping Mall


The interactive FOXBOX Towers enriched the amusement offer in a shopping mall. Parents are now even more happy having more time for their purchase decisions.

Play area for children in the city hall


Getting formalities done in the registration office will become easier and more enjoyable. We designed and equipped play areas for children in dedicated places of the city hall.

About us

At Funmakers we offer innovative, modern and safe play solutions for children in public and commercial places. We make sure that the youngest guests or patients will spend time in joyful environment, which additionally will enhance their education and skills. The core product line which we have developed is FOXBOX - an interactive kids corner equipped with one or more touch screens and various wooden additions. The kids corner offers a wide range of educational games for children aged from 3 to 8 or more years.

Thanks to our products already hundreds of satisfied customers have completely furnished playgrounds and areas for children in their locations. In 2014 we were awarded the quality mark of "KidZone". It is granted to companies whose products and services dedicated for children meet the highest standards and highest level of security.

FOXBOX products and solutions guarantee that parents can leisurely settle important matters, meet and hang out with friends at their favorite restaurant without the need of running behind an entertainment-hungry youngster.

In this way our clients extend their base of satisfied and loyal customers who appreciate comfort and high quality of services.


Interactive kids corners will make your business location more attractive and an especially friendly place for children.
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